Alien Robots


Welcome to the slot machine Alien Robots from Net Entertainment, an extraterrestrial experience where it is about acquainting with a few strange characters from outer world space. Alien Robots was the first slot machine from NetEnt, which introduced revenue routes, something we have seen in vending machines like Thunderfist and Victorious. Alien Robots play for free here at Smeraldo Casino, when you want to play for real money, there are exclusive deals around the vending machine.

Some slots are revolutionary when released and Alien Robots is one of them. Alien Robots, as we mentioned in the introduction, were the first NetEnt vending machine to introduce revenue routes. Winning points mean that winning combinations do not have to end up on specific paylines, but enough symbols appear on the wheels next to each other for a win.

Normally, a slot machine has a winning line at the expense of the winnings, but that's not the case in Alien Robots. Here you have the opportunity to choose whether you want to play with the traditional winning lines or with profit routes. You can choose to play with 1-30 paylines at the same time, alternatively with all 243 winning routes enabled. It should be noted that it costs twice as much to play with all profit routes enabled compared to 30-line games at the same time. The choice of man is therefore based on both the likes and the budget.

Alien Robots may not be a graphic masterpiece, at least not in the case of the letter and number symbols. The robots are slightly better, even though we have seen many NetEnt slot machines with significantly better graphical qualities. Probably, it's not the graphics that determine if you play Alien Robots or not, but if you like the features and game layout in general. In the case of special features, there are a few worth mentioning.

The most important feature of Alien Robots is the free spin mode. This is achieved if at least three flying saucers appear on the playing field, regardless of position. Three scatter symbols give 10 free spins, four scatter symbols give 20 free spins and five scatter symbols give 50 free spins. During the free rounds, the wild symbol gets a little special feature as it expands and covers entire wheels, in addition, it's 'sticky' something that keeps it's position while the wheels spin again.

The maximum profit in Alien Robots is 50000 coins. If you play for 5 kr per round, this means that the high winnings amount to 250000kr. Alien Robots may not be a slot machine if you are looking to win the really big money. 50000 coins will win you if you play five coins per game round while racing up five red robots on a winning payline.

Alien Robots is a well-known slot game from Net Entertainment, but it was probably more fascinating when it was launched. Now we are more used to profit routes, and we may look for some more attractive vending machines. Personally, I keep Thunderfist like a much better slot machine. However, when Alien Robots are free to try out at Smeraldo Casino, we recommend that you try without risking any money, maybe you will love the machine. 


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