Will We Ever See The South Park Slots Again?



Will NetEnt's beloved South Park Game ever be revived? One of the worst days for NetEnt slots fans came undoubtedly earlier this year when both the original South Park and Reel Chaos were additionally pulled from the shelves.Its undeniable that the duo was extremely popular, so why were they removed, and what are the chances to ever see them again?

These questions have never been so exciting - with the new South Park game "The fractured but whole" for PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows are released halfway through the 21st TV series of the animation series.

It is safe to say that Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and the rest are as relevant as they were 20 years ago when they came into the (often controversial) spotlight, so why was their iGaming presence broken?

This is the theory behind it….

What happened to the end of March 2017 which resulted in South Park being thrown? The likely reason is due to licensing. Since both the South Park video and South Park: Reel Chaos titles have authentic similarities, characters, settings and the rest, NetEnt needed the green light from Comedy Central for copyright.

An agreement was made back in 2013 or maybe as far as the end of 2012 between the two parties, and it may be that an expiration date was included.

If this is the case, then comes to the obvious question: Why was not a renewal given? We are shocked,, as those games barely flopped. One thing to note is that they are unlikely to have been affected by NetEnt itself.

We say this because the player developer's CPO, Simon Hammon, was quoted as saying on his "personal favorite [NetEnt slot] is the original game South Park" just a week before the games were removed. He also mentioned that it took "very long time to secure licensing", so there were perhaps obstacles that affected potential renegotiation.

Will we ever see the South Park game series by NetEnt again?

Some players have thought about whether the last chapter has been written or can a remarkable South Park comeback happen in the online casino world?

At this time, it seems doubtful, but with enough pressure, most things can happen!


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