Bonnier buys Redbet May 2013 price €4m (35mkr)

Bonnier AB, which owns Maria Bingo and Bertil Casino has just signed the papers to buy Redbet. Redbet buyout costs Bonnier about €4m (35MKR) and an additional sum based on the Redbet EBITDA in 2013 with a multiple of 4.6, where the initial payment is deducted. The price of 35 million kroner is debt free.

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"The sale is made on a debt free basis, with payment at the calculated position on 1/7, about 37.5 million SEK, which gives an estimated earnings impact of Nordic Leisure AB of SEK 35 million SEK, and is expected to impact cash flow by approximately 40 million SEK, and an additional based at the sold company's earnings EBITDA in 2013 with a multiple of 4.6, from which the initial payment is deducted. This payment is expected to be around the first quarter of 2014. "

As it stands now, no direct changes will be seen for player.

Redbet was founded by a group of Swedish entrepreneurs, computer programmers and sports betting professionals - all with extensive and broad experience in the gaming industry. Redbet was founded in May 2002 with a goal to become one of the leading online gaming.

You can still play at redbet. Click here to register.

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