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Fruit Case Video Slot

The time is ripe for Fruit Case, the 5-reel, 3-line video slot where fresh fruit moves along conveyor belts until it is crushed to yield juicy winnings. The possible Free Fall wins you can get in addition to normal winnings are just like jam on toast—sweet and satisfying.
Fruit Case is one of the first Games in Net Entertainment’s Smart Range™ offering, delivering the rich player experience you expect from Net Entertainment packaged in a reduced game download size.

Game Theme & Graphics

The game display comprises three main elements - video display area, keypad area, and game panel.
Video display area. The game reels, the Wild multiplier indicator, and the PAYTABLE button are displayed in this upper area. 
Keypad area. The keypad features selectors for bet level and coin value and buttons for spin, MAX BET, and AUTOPLAY. The number of coins bet, number of coins in the player’s possession, and number of coins won in the current game round are also displayed here.
Game panel. The game panel at the bottom houses the buttons for game settings, sound, and game rules. This area also displays the player’s account information and alternates between showing the available cash, current bet, amount won, and player mode (when in Play for Fun mode).

Main Game

Players can select the coin value and bet level before starting the game round. 
Game actions. The buttons on the key pad perform the following different game actions:
Game rounds. When the player clicks the spin button, the bet amount is debited from the current credit (available coins and credit). The symbols fall into position automatically within the reels.
Game results. For each wave, the game highlights which symbols are winning combinations and how much has been won on each bet line. The win value appears as a floating number alongside the win field. To further enhance player experience, the amount in the Win field counts up to match the win value. Meanwhile, game play for the round continues and the win amount with additional wins continues to count up. 
At the end of the game round, the total winnings are added to the player’s credits and are displayed in the game panel.

Wild Substitution

Fruit Case has an animated Wild symbol when displayed on a winning bet line. 
Substitution. Wild symbols substitute for any other symbol - including Free Fall symbols - to complete winning bet lines.
Wild Multiplier. The Wild multiplier applies to winning bet lines that are completed by Wild symbols. The multiplier increases with each successive Avalanche in a single game round as follows:

Avalanche  Multiplier

1st Avalanche  x 2
2nd Avalanche  x 4
3rd Avalanche  x 6
4th+ Avalanche  x 8
The Wild multiplier does not affect the number of Free falls won. 
Only one Wild multiplier is applied per bet line.
Wild Multiplier Indicator. A table at the top of the game display shows the Wild Multipliers with the current multiplier highlighted. In addition, the current Wild multiplier is shown on any Wild symbols appearing on the reels.


Fruit Case uses the Avalanche™ feature, whereby symbols fall into place in the reels instead of spinning. Symbols that make up a winning bet line are crushed and disappear, and the gaps they leave are filled with more falling symbols. As long as there are winning bet lines, there are repeat Avalanches.
A game round is made up of a series of Avalanches and if won, a number of Free Falls.
After the player clicks the spin button, the initial Avalanche of symbols starts the game round. When the symbols have come to rest, winning bet lines are highlighted. If the player has a winning bet line, the win amount is added to the win field, and the second Avalanche of symbols occurs. A game round ends when no more wins occur.

Free Fall Symbol and Feature

Fruit Case features an animated Free Fall symbol that gives the player a chance to enter the Free Fall feature. 
Free Fall feature. 3 Free Fall symbols activate 10 Free Falls. The Free Falls are played at the same bet level as the game that triggered the Free Fall. A dynamic sign informs players how many Free Falls are remaining.
Re-triggered Free Falls. During Free Fall, 3 Free Fall symbols give additional Free Falls.
Free Falls wins. Bet line coin wins during Free Falls are tripled (x3). The winnings are added to the player’s cash at the end of the Free Falls. The number of coins won in the current Free Fall round and the total number of coins won during the entire Free Fall session are displayed in the keypad area during Free Fall.

Sounds and Animations

Designed to appeal to the fun side of the player, this Smart Range game is packed with some surprising animations. When the symbols fall into place on the reels, each fruit does its own special squishy bounce. And when forming a winning bet line, the fruits become even more animated as the fruit squashing takes effect. 
Jam jars are compressed on winning lines and the sound of shattering glass followed by a messy jammy splatter add just that little bit more to this colourful game. 


Main slot winnings are paid out depending on the symbols displayed on a bet line when the reels come to a stop. 
For a combination of regular symbols to be a winning combination, at least 1 of the symbols must be displayed on the first slot reel, and the remaining symbols must be next to each other on the same bet line. 
The in-slot paytable displays the payout for each winning combination, the Wild Multipliers, and Free Fall wins. Details about all symbols are shown on page 2.
Players click PAYTABLE to display the paytable page which shows the payout rules for all of the symbols. 
To return to the game, players click the return to game arrow.

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