Martingale betting system

Martingale is a betting system which started appearing in the 18th century France. The most simple variant would mean that you double your previous bet after each losing game round. When you eventually win then you start with the initial bet again, which is the first bet you placed. This means once you win you will have won the initial bet.

Below is an example of how Martingale would be used at a roulette table:

Bet: €1, Black
Result: 19, Red
Win: -€1

Bet: €2, Black
Result: 3, Red
Win: -€3

Bet: €4, Black
Result: 12, Red
Win: -€7

Bet: €8, Black
Result: 1, Red
Win: -€15

Bet: €16, Black
Result: 15, Black
Win: €1

Bet: €1, Black
Result: 13, Black
Win: €2

One can easily conclude that this system is not in any way a guarantee to win. The downsides with martingale is that no-one has an infinite bank roll. Second, most casinos have a maximum bet which means you would not be able to double your bet once the limit has been reached. Third, you have the zero (0) on the roulette table which gives a slight advantage in the casinos favour.

Martingale can of course stretch the length of your casino session while when you have a lucky session it could mean a big chunk of money in you pocket.

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