1.9 million (€1,909,522) Arabian Nights Jackpot confirmed at Mr Green


Mr Green celebrates Swedish Jackpot winner!

Eva from Emmaboda, Sweden, is still in shock 5 days after her 1.9 million jackpot win on Arabian Nights the 24th of November. Eva was looking for a thrill on a cold November evening, and deposited €50 on Mr Green Casino. Lady luck was on her side, and before long her account balance was surpassing €700. Her plan was to try her luck with half of it, and withdraw the rest. Little did she know that €350 would soon be a somewhat negligible win in comparison to what was coming. Eva was on the phone with a friend when she saw the screen flashing, which is when she decided to pick up her glasses to see what was going. She had hit the €1.9 million Jackpot on Arabian Nights. Mr Green did the right thing and called Eva to make sure the shock had not given her a heart attack...

What will Eva do with the money?

Eva immediately knew what she wanted to do with the money. Paying off the loans of her children and relatives was top priority, but Eva also had something else in mind... Eva wants to drive a Red Lamborghini from the 90's! Maybe not what you expect from a 52 year old woman living in a small city in Sweden, but can't you blame her? I certainly cannot.

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